Support Services

groupStudent Support Teams meet on a regular basis to discuss individual and school issues that have an impact on student success. The Support Teams meet with individual to provide assistance and devise interventions for academic and personal issues.

Care Team Grades 9-10-11

The Care Team is set up for the purpose of discussing students who appear to be having significant problems in their academic performance and/or behavior and formulating plans/steps to assist them. Information /suggestions will be shared with staff members per team decision. All personal information is treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect. The team will meet each week during the school day at a pre-designated time. Additional meetings may be held after school as necessary. The team will be made up of the Deans, the Guidance Counselor, the School Nurse, and, as need be, the Head of School. Every teacher is encouraged to participate either by attending or submitting information to the Care Team in the appropriate manner.

Initially, the Care Team will deal with students in grades 9-11 but the weekly meeting can be altered to deal with a specific grade.

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Senior Team: At Risk Students (STARS) Grade 12

STARS has the objective of keeping a watchful eye on the senior class and developing interventions and/or strategies for those seniors who appear at risk of not graduating. Information/suggestions will be shared with staff members per team decision. All personal information is treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect. The team will meet once a month for the first quarter; twice a month for the second quarter; two/three times a month for the third quarter; and once a week for the fourth quarter. Additional meetings may be held after school as necessary. The team will be made up of the 12th grade Dean, the Head of Guidance, the Nurse, the Head of School, and all 12th grade teachers. It is not mandatory for teachers to attend the meetings, but their input is essential.

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After School Tutoring and Homework

Tutoring and homework assistance is available most weekdays after school. Please visit the After School Tutoring & Homework in our Academics section for schedule information.

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Teacher Support Team

The TST is an opportunity for a teacher to ask for advice on how to deal with a classroom situation that may be academic or behavioral in nature. The team of administrators and teachers meets on an ďas neededĒ basis and will work to develop strategies for the situation.

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Guidance Counselor

The Guidance Counselor provides counseling services. In addition, the Guidance Counselor provides resources and assistance for college planning, financial aid, career education, and academic advising/intervention. The Guidance Counselor is responsible for scheduling, maintaining academic records, special education counseling, referrals, and related issues.

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Dean(s) of Students

The Dean of Students provides counseling support for studentsí issues in the school and in the community. In addition, the Dean has been assigned the responsibility of administering student discipline. The Dean will be responsible for home visits and networking community services for students and their families. The Dean is also responsible for the direct contact with parent(s)/guardian(s) of all students.

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Every student will be assigned to an Advisory that will meet regularly throughout the studentís high school career. Each Advisory will have a teacher or administrator as its Advisor. The purpose of this program is to facilitate a more personalized environment in which to foster the studentís academic and social development. To this end, an evolving, changing curriculum will be utilized to best serve the needs of the students.

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School Improvement Plan Overview

The School Improvement Team has endorsed, for full faculty review, the following seven goals as our School Improvement Plan for the next three years. These goals largely center on academic achievement and building a healthy school culture. Goals 1, 4, and 6 are already well underway, while the others are either just beginning (2, 3) or will soon be underway (5, 7).

The Plan itself spells out, in varying degrees of detail, the operational steps to be taken, the persons responsible, the resources needed to achieve the goal, the message we wish to transmit to various stakeholders regarding the goal, and the means by which we will measure progress toward attaining the goal.

Develop and implement a schoolwide Literacy Plan to improve studentsí reading, writing, and speaking skills.
Develop and implement a schoolwide Numeracy Plan to improve studentsí mathematics skills.
Develop a process for examining and using student performance data to drive instruction and programming.
Improve ACE outreach to the wider community and increase community involvement with the school.
Improve the quality of the Advisory experience at ACE, increasing personalization and life skills development;.
Continue process of implementing RI HS Reform initiative and PBGR system to earn Commissionerís final approval for our plan.
Identify school climate needs and implement programs and processes to build greater spirit and cohesion.

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