Funding Initiatives

There are many worthwhile programs and needs worthy of financial support here at the Academy for Career Exploration.

By way of example, here are a few:

• In September 2010, ACE launched two new career-to-work programs to prepare students for employment opportunities in the health care and hospitality industries. Both programs have received the enthusiastic support of industry partners, who see our program as a win-win for students searching for solid career paths and employers who are in need of qualified workers. Upon graduation, students will receive a diploma and also have the option of earning either a certified nursing assistant credential, or a national certification in hotel and lodging management. The offering of these programs is dependent upon financial contributions from foundations, industry partners and individual donors. In addition to supporting the programs’ operating budgets, your contributions may be employed to purchase instructional equipment, study materials, or to pay for field trips.

• ACE’s Brother 2 Brother and Sister 4 Sister after school programs provide students with a safe haven in which to grow socially, emotionally, intellectually and to learn important positive life development skills. Currently 68 students have committed three hours of after school time each week throughout the school year to participate in these life-enhancing sessions. The annual cost of providing these programs approaches $20,000 and is not covered by our baseline budget. Your contribution to Brother-2-brother and Sister-4-sister will help ensure that our students remain engaged in their school work and committed to a lifestyle that enhances their chances of future success.

• ACE is slowly building its lending library, and needs your financial support to purchase library books for our students. Instilling an interest in reading among our students both for knowledge enhancement as well as the sheer pleasure of it is a key goal at ACE. You can help us achieve this objective through a donation to our library.

• General operating expenses are always a challenge, but even more so in this period of fiscal uncertainty. So, if you prefer, you may designate that your gift may used for “unrestricted” purposes. In so doing, you’ll help to ensure that ACE remains fiscally strong and capable of delivering quality education to the students we serve.

You may make your contribution, by sending your check to Academy for Career Exploration, 130 Broadway, Providence, RI 02903 or on-line by clicking on the donate button below.

To learn more about how you can help, please call Vanessa Toledo-Vickers, Development Director at 401-456-1738, ext 106.