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Academy for Career Exploration Charter School is a lottery application school. With the exception of brothers and sisters of current or graduated students (who are guaranteed admission to the school), all who apply have an equal chance of their names being selected for admission through a public lottery that takes place in late March each year.

To be eligible for the lottery (or to claim a seat if you are a brother or sister of a current or graduated student) you must complete a two-page ACE application and return it to the Dean of Admissions before the lottery date.

The lottery is a blind drawing of names, with boys and girls being drawn separately to ensure gender balance. Once all available seats are filled, the names of remaining applicants are placed on a waiting list and ranked in the same order they are drawn. The waiting list is not carried over from year to year.

If you submit an application after the lottery date, your name is placed at the bottom of the waiting list for your grade, following the names drawn in the lottery.