ACE Course Listings School Year 2013 - 2014

The following curriculum was adopted for current school year. The standard course sequences are listed by level and grade. Individual students may have a variation of the standard curriculum to accommodate individual needs and previous educational experience. The curriculum at Academy for Career Exploration Charter School is designed to develop and reinforce students' skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and critical thinking.

Year One (Grade 9)
English Language Arts 1
Algebra 1
World History
Physical Education & Health
Literary Arts
Physics I

Year Two (Grade 10 )
English Language Arts 2
Introduction to Computer Literacy
Spanish I or *Literary Arts 2
US History

Year Three (Grade 11)
English Language Arts 3
Geometry or Algebra 2*
Spanish 2
Physical Education & Health
Health Career I or Hospitality I

Year Four (Grade 12)
English Language Arts 4
URI Writing or Writing Research Seminar/Internship
Health Career 2 or Hospitality 2
Anatomy/Psychology (elective)
Algebra 2*/Advanced Math/Math-Related Course

Theater/Public Speaking

Advanced Computer (elective)

* NWEA scores and/or teacher recommendation determine placement in Literacy, English and Math courses.